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Welcome to Identity Outreach!

 We strive to improve mental health outcomes for young individuals by offering services and support that cater to their unique needs. At Identity Outreach we believe in the power of community-based assistance and the positive influence it can have on young lives. We are committed to offering holistic, compassionate, and personalized care to those in need, ensuring they have the tools and resources to face life's hurdles and achieve their full potential.

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Our Story

 Identity Outreach is dedicated to supporting opportunity youth and vulnerable populations in the community. Our founder, Jasmine Tucker, was inspired by her own experiences as a youth participating in community-based services. Understanding the profound impact of providing services in the home rather than institutions, Jasmine pursued her education, completing a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at IUPUI and currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work at the same institution. Driven by her passion to make a difference, Jasmine spearheaded the creation of our organization.

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