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Habilitation Support

The primary objective of Habilitation services is to elevate the participant's overall level of functioning, enrich their quality of life, and facilitate the development and utilization of effective social skills. 

Skills Training and Development

Skills Training and Development is a process that includes in-person interactions with a member and/or their family or caregivers. This process aims to help the member acquire skills such as self-care, daily life management, and problem-solving. These skills are developed in individual or group settings, taking place at home or within the community. The main focus is on overcoming psychological and social obstacles.

Respite Services

Respite Care services are designed to assist individuals who are unable to independently care for themselves. These services are offered for a temporary and limited duration, typically when the regular caregivers or family members responsible for the participant's care require relief or are temporarily absent. The aim of Respite Care is to provide a brief but essential break to primary caregivers, allowing them to tend to their own needs, rest, and rejuvenate.

Family Training & Support

Training and Support for the Unpaid Caregiver, commonly referred to as Family Support and Training (FST), is a service provided for an individual who is providing unpaid support, training, companionship or supervision for the youth. The intent of the service is to provide education and support to the caregiver that preserves the family unit and increases confidence, stamina and empowerment.
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